Body Paint North East Ohio
Earth Skull Body Paint
My name is Carrie Esser and I am a makeup artist
and body painter based in Arizona
(born and raised in the great state of OHIO!)

As a child my imagination led me to create everything imaginable. From sculpting polymer clay miniatures to begging my mom to take out the sewing machine to make mini pillows, the world is my playground.


I bring that creative spirit with me every day as I continue to chase my passion. I began testing out make up in my high school years, but dove into the body art realm in 2013. I am a self-taught artist who is continuing to learn and grow with every painting and make up.


My ultimate goal is to use my artistic abilities to spread positive and necessary messages with the world: sustainability, human rights, self-love, inner beauty and self-expression just to name a few.



FACE Awards National Makeup Competition

I competed in the 2018 and 2019 FACE Awards USA. Both years I was selected into the Top 30.

In 2018 I advanced to the Top 20 then the Top 12.

In 2019 my community voted to help me move into the Top 15 and then the Top 5 in the country.

My incredible supporters were a huge factor in getting Team Madhouse to the top! I am endlessly grateful for your support.

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