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Thank you! TOP 5

I am thrilled to share that Team Madhouse made it into the Top 5 of the NYX FACE Awards USA 2019! Your votes, sharing and encouragement lead us to advance in the competition and I cannot thank you enough.

We need to keep the momentum going to win the whole thing! We are competing for the title "Artist of the Year". Along with this we would receive $50,000, a trip to LA and the opportunity to compete with the other global winners (this would be a DREAM!) Help make this happen by marking your calendars for voting week September 23 - 27.

Voting is daily September 23 - 27 at www.faceawards.com and you can cast 3 votes per email!!!

Until then, I will be working incredibly hard for this final challenge.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me and for believing in me!


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