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Creating with Mehron's StarBlend Cake Makeup

Project Type

Commercial Client Project


April 2023

When Mehron approached me to create 2 looks for their StarBlend Cake Makeup I was over the moon.

I have been using Mehron makeup and body art products since the very start of my creative makeup journey.
For the first year doing creative makeup looks I used colorful eyeshadow palettes and eyeliner pencils to act like body paint products. I got my first Mehron Paradise water-based paints December 2014 and immediately started playing and experimenting with them. I haven't turned back since!

The Mehron team asked that the looks highlight this pressed-powder product in two ways: wet and dry application. Before doing this project, I didn't know that people used StarBlends in wet application. After some experimenting and design planning I was ready to do my looks.

I wanted to make sure I created designs that truly highlighted both application styles and the product was the main focus of each look.

The team loved the looks and they are now featured under each color selection on Mehron's website.

*Heads up! If you decide to use your StarBlend Cake Makeup wet - either scrape the product into a dish or dedicate that single cake makeup for wet application. Once you wet the cake it will not be able to go back to regular dry use as the “make up” of the product will be changed.

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