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Creative Sessions

1:1 or Group

Virtual or In-Person creative sessions

Areas of Exploration

Once we connect I may ask about your skills and background with creating (whether it is makeup and body painting or any other creative medium). I'd like to get to know you so I can best serve you and add value to our session!

Next I would like to know if there are any topics or areas of interest in expanding your skills or learning more information about.

If you are interested in growing your artistry but may not know what you'd like to explore, I've listed some topics as well as potential areas to dive into. Please feel free to ask about other topics or questions that you may not see listed as well. Creativity spans far and wide!

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Materials & supplies

brushes, types of paint, brands, where to order, sfx products, other cool products, creative ways to use regular makeup products


Character and Cosplay Makeup

recreating a character or creating your own, design, products, making props or accessories, practice run


Intro to body painting

the basics: paint consistency, color mixing, paint application techniques


Designing makeup looks or body paints

exploring your creativity and artistic style

we may do practice and prompts that will help you explore your artistry


Illusion makeup

understanding contrast, highlights and shadows, selecting color palette, practicing from reference, designing your own


Let's hang out! Creative play session

if you're looking for a creative space and don't know how to get started I'd be happy to lead/join you

makeup, body art, drawing, painting... ask about any medium!


"Thank you so much, Carrie, for all this useful information!

You are a very detail-oriented artist, which truly sets you apart. Your dedication to sharing in-depth knowledge and practical tips makes a significant difference in my learning experience. Your passion for the craft and commitment to educating others shines through in session, making it clear why you're such a respected figure in the makeup industry."

- Siri

Current session rates

I look forward to connecting and planning your session!

2 hour sessions are recommended. 

Please reach out to me or use the form below and ask about my current session rates and availability.

I do require a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure the session date and time. It can be viewed as covering the preparation and time that happens before the session. If you must reschedule your session you may do so by reaching out and letting me know at least 3 days prior to the scheduled date and we may use the original deposit to reschedule.

The remaining payment will be due on the scheduled session date and prior to your session beginning.


I am happy to answer any questions!

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